Royal Mail have told me our customs data is not compliant

Royal Mail have told me our customs data is not compliant

The default Click and Drop views contain basic information that should allow your orders to be compliant with the new digital customs information. However, if you have issues the following guide explains how to resolve them.

Country of Origin is not valid (or missing)
You can resolve you need to change the default value in the Click and Drop Settings file. To do this do the following:

In your Click and Drop Settings, in Section 2, in the View to use for Click and Drop box note the name of the view file (e.g. RoyalMailClickAndDropExportDetailed.mev). This file is stored in the 


folder. Open this file. To open the file, run notepad (Windows key and S and type notepad to find the App). Then open this file.

When the file is open find the line
Name=Country of Origin

just below this line is another called


change this to

LookupSQL=United Kingdom

or the required value (you can use normal Invoice macros and functions to use different values if required).

NOTE : After making the changes you will need to restart One Stop Order Processing

CN22 or CN23 shows same item title for each line

You should make sure that the correct value is sent to Royal Mail. To check this if you do the following:

Amend the Click and Drop view file (explained above). Find the line


Below this is the field to use for the value, this should be set to 52, i.e.


If this is a different value (e.g. ID=128) change this to the line above. Save the changes and restart One Stop Order Processing