How to Change the Courier sent to Websites (e.g. change Click and Drop to Royal Mail)

How to Change the Courier sent to Websites (e.g. change Click and Drop to Royal Mail)

When you send tracking details to Amazon or Ebay you sometimes need to change the courier details setup in OSOP to what is expected by the website (e.g. Amazon). For example, Click and Drop should be sent as Royal Mail. The following article explains how to change this:

Setup the default courier macro in the main options to use a macro to change what is sent.

In this example, change Click and Drop to Royal Mail.

Change the courier to 


This will load a file and run the macro each time the details are sent to the website (e.g. Amazon). 

Create the file ( c:\osop\main\crmacro.txt) with the value

#!#[%COURIER_SENT_WITH%][?]Click[Royal Mail][[%COURIER_SENT_WITH%]]#!#

This will look at the current courier setup and if the word Click is found it will send Royal Mail as the courier to the website. If the courier does not contain Click it will send the existing courier value.

When you setup this value it will be copied to any newly imported orders (and used when shipping that order).

You can also also use the same approach with the Service, if needed. In the example, a file called 


is used with a value of 

#!#[%COURIER_SERVICE%][?]Fast[Next Day][[%COURIER_SERVICE%]]#!#

This will check the service selected and if contains the word Fast it will change the service to Next Day (otherwise use the service already set).

How to change the courier to a non tracked service (to help with Amazon metrics)

In the servicerule.txt file (detailed above) use the following text to use a service of Stamps/Franking for orders sent to Amazon


This checks where the order came from and if Amazon sets the service to be Stamps/Franking.