Importing your BigCommerce Products into One Stop Order Processing

Importing your BigCommerce Products into One Stop Order Processing

The following guide explains how you can import your BigCommerce products into One Stop Order Processing, currently, the file will need a little editing before importing but we are currently working on simplifying this process.

This feature is available in the Professional, Premium and Managed subscriptions of One Stop Order Processing.

Generating your file -

  1. Click products -> Export

  2. Choose the Bulk Edit template and make sure you are exporting a CSV file.

  3. Open the file and remove all of the columns except for the following,

    Product Name, Product Type, Product Code/SKU, Price, Weight, Track Inventory, Current Stock, Category

  4. Set the default for Product Type to P

  5. Set the default for the track inventory column the following

    by product

  6. Save the file

  7. Open the file in notepad

  8. Replace the header ( the first line of the file ) with the following, then save the changes

    Title,Custom 1,SKU,Price,Weight,Custom 2,Stock Level,Custom 3

Importing the file-

  1. Open One Stop Order Processing

  2. Click the Product import dialog

  3. Follow the menu option Products -> Import -> From File -> Attach your file and import

Check out the following video to see how to import your BigCommerce Orders into One Stop Order Processing